Monday, March 24, 2008

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Bush sympathetic as war toll hits 4,000
While I appreciate that author & TV epicure Anthony Bourdain's favorite album is Funhouse by The Stooges & music by Billy Joel in his kitchen is grounds for immediate firing, I was saddened to hear him say on Letterman that his daughter would never taste a "grilled cheese with the crust cut off." Unless he meant she will taste a grilled cheese with tomato & bacon on rye with the crust left on.
Spent a constructive hour in the library moving my online postcard collection over to Photobucket. Discovered by accident that the library website lets me put books at the main library on hold & have them delivered to the branch library. I've used the website to renew books, but it isn't what I'd consider user friendly. it looks like it was designed a decade ago & they've been grafting stuff on ever since.

I like my branch library. But it's been at full capacity for a long time. I doubt if they can squeeze a new book in without having to remove one. There's no comfortable chairs just for sitting & reading. It has a pleasant children's room that lacks a children's library assistant, so there's not much going on in there except on special project days, & the "homework helpers" service. I see lots of children with their parents checking out stacks of books. I used to visit the children's room in Rahway to look at the aquarium & other cool stuff on display.
Rutgers handily beat Iowa State tonight in Iowa, 69-58. I had my doubts about the Scarlet Knights making it past the 2nd round until Coach Stringer said she was running the "55" defense again, which she had dropped in the losses before the Tournament due to a depleted bench. The Star-Ledger devoted a 1/2 page to explaining the "55." It's working. But it's the offense that's been impressive. I'd picked Liberty U to upset Old Dominion without doing some minimal research & learning the second-leading scorer was injured, one of the remarkably talented Frazee triplets. The remaining two combined for 39 points. Shoulda consulted my nephew before going with the only major first round upset I had on the bracket sheet.

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I work at a very small branch library of a large system, and we have the same problem with space. We're continually having to weed out books and movies to make room for new ones. The saving grace for small branches is that the large central branch, hopefully, will have the materials you want.
Congrats to both Rutgers and ND for making the women's Sweet 16.

Did you watch the ODU-Virginia game last night? ODU came on strong in OT . 5'2" Jazzmin Walters sank a 3-pointer with 4 seconds to go to give Old Dominion the win in front of a delirious crowd.
Missed it unfortunately. There's lots to like about the women's game, not least that there's still room for short, pesty guards who have a beautiful, old-fashioned style of shooting from the outside that seems to stun the taller defenders.
P.S. Tennessee is beatable. Muffet knows it. Back in January, ND gave away the game in the first half.
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