Friday, March 28, 2008


One always hopes - tho it's too much to expect - that preachers of the Christian message meditate on the deeper contents of their psyches in order to identify & begin to purge themselves of the nasty prejudices & bigotries bubbling around in every human being including themselves.

For all the good he's accomplished, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright long ago adopted uncritically a mode of language that means what it says, not what he thinks it means only to his intended audience. Now we have an example of Wright not only mangling history by mis-identifying Romans as Italians (does he say it Eye-tal-yans?), but then proceeding to reveal - as if a devil were sitting on his shoulder prodding him on - what he really thinks of Italians. He doesn't know garlic:
Archeologists have discovered clay sculptures of garlic bulbs and paintings of garlic dating about 3200 B.C. in Egyptian tombs in El Mahasna. A recently discovered Egyptian papyrus dating from 1,500 B.C. recommends garlic as a cure all for over 22 common ailments, including lack of stamina, heart disease and tumors, and it’s been said the Egyptians fed garlic to the slaves building the pyramids to increase their strength. Garlic proved itself worthy to peasant and royalty alike as Tutankhamen (Egypt’s youngest pharaoh) was sent into the afterlife with garlic at his side.
The History of Garlic: Nature's Ancient Superfood
We've had about enough of Rev. Wright, Rev Hagee, Rev. Parsley, & all the other reverends who say whatever the hell they want because they believe the Spirit of the Lord is putting the words in their mouths.

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