Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bracket Day

Just a reminder that the rix mix is a work of fiction, the name in the url is a pseudonyn, like Mark Twain & Buckwheat Zydeco, & all the characters & events depicted here are imaginary.
Guess what's in my backpack?

If you got ten boxes of Green Giant frozen veggies & a two pack of energy save lightbulbs, you guessed correctly. Now guess what was on sale at Pathmark?
I nursed a hot chocolate & watched Lou Dobbs on TV at the Elmora Dunkin' Donuts, a pleasant, clean coffeeshop.
I'm not very good at NCAA Tournament brackology. I don't understand the game of basketball all that well. I only follow Big East basketball closely, with glances at other Jersey Div. I teams, Temple & St. Joseph's in the Atlantic Ten, & this year, a marvelous Kean University Div. III women's team I regret not having seen play. One of my nephews went to Liberty University, admittedly not my kind of school, but the Lady Flames finished the regular season 28-3, didn't shame themselves against North Carolina, beat Xavier, & may have cracked the top 25 if they hadn't lost a conference game they should have won last month. I'm picking them to shock Old Dominion on Sunday before an ODU "home" crowd in Norfolk & with a little push from the Almighty, of course. Then play U Virginia close but no ceegar on Tuesday.

Rutgers women again were treated badly by the NCAA, which put them, the only team to defeat UConn, in the same Region with the Huskies. The only suitable punishment for the NCAA would be an Elite Eight consisting entirely of Big East schools. Don't laugh, as unlikely as it is, it ain't impossible. I ought to dislike Tennesee, but they're such a worthy opponent for the Scarlet Knights, they're the team any Rutgers fan would love to meet & beat in the Final Four. Rutgers has been inconsistant at times this year. Some teams always win when their superstar player has a good game. Rutgers can beat anyone, but only when they play as a team, on defense, & a couple of girls step up on offense. They'll take Robert Morris. Iowa State would give them fits in Des Moines. But I'm betting Iowa is over-rated & will lose to ACC Georgia Tech. If Rutgers gets past the second round, I think they'll see UConn in Greensboro.

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