Thursday, February 28, 2008

Two Johns in a Portosan

Glory be. John McCain's enthusiastic acceptance of an endorsement by anti-Catholic bigot megachurch pastor John Hagee has enraged a full spectrum of Roman Catholics from the progressive Catholics United to the execrable reactionary Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. They ain't gonna let this drop anytime soon. Catholics are the largest religious demographic in America, but it's very difficult for any candidate to woo them as bloc voters. It might, however, be possible to repulse them by the millions. Just stand at the podium with a man who suggests Catholics were responsible for the Holocaust, claims Hitler was inspired by the Catholic Church, & says Catholics are apostates. Hagee's true pro-Israel motivation is that Israel has to exist as a nation for The Rapture to occur, at which point saved Christians (presumably not Catholics) are swept up into Heaven, & Israel, & all Jews, become expendable. Hagee is a dangerous screwball. Maybe so is John McCain. & maybe he just lost Pennsylvania & Ohio.
Another bad omen for Hillary: Dave Letterman is using up all the humorous cameo bits Hillary filmed for him during her most recent guest appearance rather than be stuck with them if she drops out next week.

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I've also heard him say that Jews don't have to be saved to go to Heaven, but everyone else does, which makes no sense when you read the scriptures. Who did Jesus go to first? The Jews. If that's the case than God in flesh really wasted his time.

Hope all is well Uncle Bob.
My understanding of Hagee's theology is sketchy, but with guys like him the devil is always in the details, & I figure I'm no dumber than the average person who throws money at him.
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