Monday, February 18, 2008

Cut the crap Hillary

You have words with him and your future's looking dim
But these things your hearts can rise above
What would it take for me to not vote for Hillary Clinton in November?
A longshot possibility, but something like this plants the seed: Clinton camp accuses Obama of plagiarism. The alleged theft, which Clinton operatives went so far as to post on YouTube & feed to Fox, is of Barack lifting some lines & ideas from a speech given by his good friend & supporter, Mass Gov Deval Patrick. If Hillary's hunger for the nomination is so all-consuming that she'll continue alienating the Democratic party's most reliable & loyal base, African-Americans (few "Reagan Democrats" there), & the charged-up newbies Barack has pulled in, with this shit-throwing, on the assumption they'll hand her the winning margins in Pennsylvania & Ohio in November, she doesn't deserve to be the nominee of the Democratic Party.

Obama does his thing & keeps going. The man is focused. Clinton's campaign is about repositioning, adjusting the message, & now this.. If Hillary believes she's fighting for the soul of the Democratic Party, she'd better get smart to the fact that Obama is the spokesperson for at least half, probably more than half, of Democratic voters. A lot of them won't stick around for November if they feel they've been insulted, betrayed, & then kicked aside by the Clinton Machine rather than defeated fairly. It won't do for the yellow dogs to sing "It's All In the Game" after the convention.


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