Monday, February 11, 2008

Something stinks in Knoxville

I saw it with my own eyes on the replay. The Tennessee game clock mysteriously paused at .2 second, a foul was called on Rutgers' Kia Vaughan when the gane buzzer should have sounded, UT sunk two free throws & Rutgers lost 59-58 although they had apparently fought back from a lousy first half & defeated the new #1 team only days after beating former #1 UConn, becoming the first team to win consecutive games against the #1, & done it on the Vols' home court. "It's unfortunate that those kinds of things happen," Rutgers coach C. Vivian Stringer said. "I'm getting used to it now." She should. The Scarlet Knights lost the opening game of the season to Stanford on two free throws with 1/10 of a second on the clock.

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The same night as the RU-Tenn. game, the Villanova men's team felt that it was the victim of a phantom call with .1 left on the clock. View the video here and judge for yourself.
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