Wednesday, February 20, 2008


While Hillary was giving her non-concession speech tonight, Barack took the stage in Texas & TV coverage immediately cut to him. Rude but effective display of his media power. He might not have done it if the plagiarism accusation hadn't broken over the weekend. Hillary's running out of ammo. The ready to be president from day one thing has been her main theme all along. When she claims that she's faced the worst Repugs can throw at her, it wasn't in her two senate races. Remember Rick Lazio? Hillary beat him easily in 2000 riding Al Gore's coattails. In 2006 she faced John Spencer - the unknown Yonkers mayor not the West Wing actor - & got 67% of the vote. John McCain is somewhat more formidable opposition. Does anyone really believe either Hillary or Barack will push through a comprehensive health insurance plan in the first year? Only if the Democrats win a huge congressional majority, & we can't count on that. It's a matter of details hardly anyone wants to examine. I don't see how she can get the double digit victories she needs in Texas & Ohio. Maybe it's time for Hillary to think about her own exit strategy, what she can do to keep from from ripping the Democratic Party apart. All Barack is doing is winning.


If any political leader puts forth a perfect health care plan, wins over public skepticism and gets all of Congress to agree to it on the first go-round, it will take a good 10 years to see any effectual changes. If any one of those things are not in place, it would take longer.

Both scenarios are dependent upon the absence of a pandemic. If the pandemic gets here, it won't matter.

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