Monday, February 04, 2008

One vote for Barack Obama

Every president must learn on-the-job. As long as Obama chooses his staff, advisors, & cabinet wisely, he'll have the experience he needs.

As for Obama's toughness - the "Kumbaya" factor - I think he's plenty tough. After he's in office, if he's in need of backbone support, he can get from the same rock solid constituency where Bill "the first black president" Clinton found it - African-Americans. We'll have our first black president for real. The world knows our history.

It's time for Bill to get on with the business of a former president, be it charitable work or peddling his influence. But not from inside the White House.

If the primaries had matched Hillary against Biden, Kerry, & Mark Warner, I'd choose her. But this election now has many of John Edwards' ideas & hopes riding on Obama's shoulders, & Obama carries enough of them to satisfy me. Hillary is a lightning rod for irrational hatred & contempt. It's about her & Bill & little else. She'll never get past it in the campaign or as president. It is a permanent handicap.

Hillary has the skills of a great senator; a dealer & a policy wonk. I like her. She & Ted Kennedy will make great allies for President Obama. The president leads & advocates mostly as a wholesaler. Congress is where Obama's proposals will be carved up & applied incrementally. We all know it will happen. Obama envisions cooperation & transparency. That's his prime message to the American people. Right there is a 180 degree departure from the Cheney/Bush Junta, & nearly that much from how the Clintons operate.

I've said as much about Hillary as about Barack because this is a remarkable year, & they are two exceptional people. Behind them were John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, even Dennis Kucinich telling the truth about the war.

I' m not sure how it happened, but Barack Obama can become President of the United States. Let's make him the Democratic nominee & elect him.

"It's about her & Bill & little else. She'll never get past it in the campaign or as president. It is a permanent handicap."

I wish you weren't right there. But you are. She can't unite the country due to the tremendous load of hate that was heaped on her as first lady.

She can do the job, but she can't get the job.
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