Wednesday, February 20, 2008


This sucks:
St. Peter's College in Jersey City was reopened shortly before 3 p.m. today after a threatening note triggered a two-hour lockdown and evacuation of the campus, authorities said.

The note - found taped in the stairwell of an administration and classroom building - referenced killing and last April's massacre at Virginia Tech, as well as guns and bombs, according to a school spokeswoman. But no danger was found after police and dogs made a building-by-building sweep of the campus, according to the college.
Pete's is a small private college in a tough city, we should be grateful it hasn't folded or packed up & moved elsewhere, & that it still fields Div 1 basketball teams in a respectable conference. It's too much to expect that a campus be a safe sanctuary. That's an illusion we should have dropped a long time ago. Kids today know they must look out for themselves against muggers, car thieves, gang punks. But what's to be done about the psychopaths?

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