Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I'll know on Friday

I can't figure out how it benefits the landlord to have the Housing Authority decertify one apartment in his building & have it go vacant until he makes a few basic repairs that he could more conveniently & profitably make with me in it. That is, I can't discern his motivation for wanting me to move out. Less than two months ago he was asking me if I knew anyone who needed an apartment that was empty here. This puzzlement has frozen me, & now we're three days away from the last chance. He's got several troublesome tenants & I'm not one of them. He has no legal grounds for eviction & if has any personal grudge against me I don't know what it could be. & he wouldn't tell me anyway. No part of Elizabeth is a prime or tight rental market. The best buildings always advertise in the free listings books in the racks at the supermarket. New two family houses with balconies & garages are always being built all over the city, even in the tougher neighborhoods most replacing old two families. There's a lot of apartment stock. There's four good buildings within two blocks of here, usually with vacancies, & if I could simply beam myself & my possessions into a new location I wouldn't be troubled by the idea of moving. I hate moving. I have no handy resources for moving. I have no idea how I would pull it off, the truck, the muscle.

give me a call.
I have a truck and some muscle.

Thanks, Joe. Among several Joes, I can think of only one who knows the guys with the muscle.
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