Monday, February 25, 2008

King Pin Pinball

My apartment passed inspection. Close call. This was the third strike visit. None of the repairs were major. This has been on my mind for a full month. The possibility that I would have to find another place & move prevented me from signing up for a co-host spot during the WFMU fund-raising marathon, which begins today. I vowed to make myself a little more comfortable here.

WFMU DJ Glen Jones is awaiting delivery of a 1973 Gottlieb King Pin pinball game. When Glen moved into his Asbury Park condo last year I suggested that the only furnishings he needed were a pinball machine & a comfortable beach chair.

New Jersey Div. 1 Men's Basketball
Rider 11-5 19-9
Seton Hall 6-8 16-11
Rutgers 2-13 10-18
FDU 3-13 7-19
Monmouth 3-13 6-22
St. Peter's 3-13 6-21
Princeton 2-7 5-19
N.J.I.T. *** 0-29

Back in the 1970s and early 1980s, my aunt and uncle had this Bonanza pinball game from 1964 in their garage in Seaside Park. It was in working order, and you can play all day for FREE. Why pay 25 cents for something on the boardwalk when I can spend a few hours in my relatives' garage trying to top 1,000 points in pinball?
Who was responsible for making the repairs? Not you'd I'd assume...
Repairs? I was only 10 years old at the time! My Uncle kept it in working order until his health began to fail in the late 1990s and the property was sold around 2002.
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