Sunday, February 03, 2008

Giants win

Are we surprised, really? After the final season game & the three playoffs? By one amazing play, yeah. Eli Manning m breaking free of sure sack, tossing a pass that David Tyree catches on his helmet. That was supernatural intervention worthy of the Mets.

I came home & dumped a container of soup into the blender on the kitchen table forgetting that the blender blade part was in the dish drainer. My heavens what an awful mess. Combined with great disappointment as I was hungry. & a realization that it would take a long time to clean up, & if I didn't clean up well the roaches I keep at bay in this old building would be gathering at soon the lights went out. It's impossible to completely take away the smell of the soup. So that meant applying some poison spray around the table legs, which I rarely do. Roaches deprived of food & water tend to use their highways in the walls to go elsewhere. A low end exterminating service comes around here every month & spritzes 2 cents worth of a noxious liquid under the sinks. But I figure the bugs have been here for many decades.

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