Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear Valued Consumer

Thank you for contacting us regarding your disappointment with Progresso green split pea soup. As a responsible manufacturer, we strive to produce high quality products and are sorry your experience did not meet the standards we expect from our products.

In keeping with our satisfaction guarantee, we will be sending an adjustment for your purchase to the address you provided. We appreciate that you have shared your concerns and hope you continue to use and enjoy our products.


Amy Sadowski
Consumer Services
Progresso has never figured out split pea.
I don't want watery soup with undercooked split peas (the old recipe)
or thicker soup with big round soft peas that are "split" but still whole (the "improved" recipe). Both have to go through the blender. Ham is unnecessary. When I used make to make split pea I'd toss in some bouillon cubes & half a box of frozen spinach & sometimes potato cubes. Then I'd eat nothing but split pea soup for three days & throw the rest away. That's why I get the canned soup now.

Progresso has never figured out soup in general.

& what's with this Amy Sadowski? Shouldn't I be hearing from Mrs. Carmela Maria Progresso?
Saying that ham is unnecessary to split pea soup is like saying that bananas are unnecessary to banana cream pie.
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