Friday, February 01, 2008

chicken egg whatever

NJ Assemblyman John S Wisniewki says:
"It is disconcerting to see so many New Jersey business and government professionals signing onto a plan that is still largely under construction.

"Potential supporters should reserve judgment until the full plan, in all of its minutiae, is unveiled.

"Anything else is simply putting the cart before the horse."
Oh, John. Next you'll be cautioning against comparing apples & oranges, reaching across party lines, making a difference, all while keeping your options open. Why don't you politicians use a copy of Bartlett's Quotations? I understand you're mostly lawyers now with undergrad degrees in Poli Sci or American Studies, academic departments attracting semi-literates who never crack a book that isn't an assignment. But you, John, majored in English at Rutgers. English majors are kids who fell asleep in high school because it took a month for the class to get through a Shakespeare play while we were reading the entire Star-Ledger with our Captain Crunch, knocking off 300 page lurid potboiler paperbacks over pizza & french fries at lunch, & typing no draft book reports during TV commercials (one draft if we wanted a guaranteed A). We love cliches. Can't you invert two other things? Just put the turkey inside the stuffing. It's easy. With a little more effort you could even plagiarize a British politician.

LOL. Tell us what you really think, Rick!
I know you're a lawyer, Carrie, but you can also pronounce Israel Kamakawiwoʻole & whistle Frank Sinatra's entire Capitol Record catalogue from memory.
You forgot to add riding a unicycle while balancing spinning dishes on a pole.
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