Tuesday, January 01, 2008

You make me feel mighty real

Fire engine sirens began minutes after midnight (headquarters is three long blocks away) & it seemed like they were on the move almost constantly through 4 am. Even if the calls weren't serious fire events, the firefighters got no rest last night. I tried to figure out why New Year's would be more busy than any other night. There were a number of parties in this immediate neighborhood, none went out-of-control or required the services of the fire department. Some boisterous noise in the streets as the parties broke up.

I turned on the TV near midnight to see the new Times Square ball - it was impressive, although Carson Daly nearly missed the countdown because he was intent on interviewing Alex Rodriguez, definitely a B list celebrity in New York, D list on network TV two months after the end of the baseball season. A quick look at the Dick Clark / Ryan Seacrest broadcast on ABC exposed an alien culture on stage: Miley Cyrus & the Jonas Brothers. They creeped me out; I was unaware Disney had created such lifelike animatronics & liberated them from the confines of theme parks. Perhaps they were only holographic projections. Meanwhile, PBS was giving Paul Simon the "George Gershwin Award for Popular Song." I didn't feel old, just ignored. So I turned to Evan "Funk" Davies on WFMU, who was demonically possessed by the spirit of 70s disco/funk.


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