Sunday, January 13, 2008

Supermarket with snow forecast

When I get to the supermarket later this afternoon I'll know if people have gone into blizzard mode. NWS is calling this upcoming system a "sharp gradient" kind of storm, which means you can go ten miles & have a significant change in snow amount. Monday morning rush hour will be a mess - throw some ice cubes on the Northeast Corridor tracks & trains run an hour late, but it's gonna clear out by early afternoon, so if you have half a roll of toilet paper & enough food to make it to tomorrow evening you ought to be OK.
Not much more busy. But I was stuck in line behind a food voucher customer. I like food vouchers, they specifiy healthy food items for children, like milk & 100% fruit juices, can't use them to buy Frosted Sugar Bombs. Sometimes the parent has three or four of the vouchers, each with a short list of items, & the cashier has to sort out the order & then match everything against the vouchers, & ring each voucher up separately. The most time-consuming customers are the shopping expeditions from group homes. Can't complain about these people. Usually four or five of them bunched up, each with their own cart because they all have their own food budget, shepherded through the store by an incredibly patient live-in counselor who wants each to feel some sense of independence & personal accomplishment while doing actual, practical weekly shopping. They're easy to get around in the aisles, very polite if they even notice you, but never join a checkout with them ahead of you. You'll have the time to digest Soap Opera Digest magazine & memorize 100 suppers you can make in 30 minutes or less.

My neighbor went to the grocery at 11AM yesterday and couldn't even find a parking space.

Remember, I live a good 45-60 minutes south of you, and it never even was supposed to snow heavily here.
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