Saturday, January 26, 2008

what the...?

"Lead Photo" on my Yahoo home page has the headline,"Obama wins South Carolina Democratic primary" next to a two day old photo of Mitt Romney & John McCain.

Astounding victory, fine speech by Obama, great turnout. Add John Edwards' disappointing 18% to Obama's 55% & the rejection of Hillary (& Bill) by SC Democrats is more than emphatic. It'll bump Barack for sure. But..

South Carolina is a Repug presidential state. Democrats there don't even need to show up in November for all the difference it'll make in the Electoral College. Super Tuesday has broader demographics, if you get the meaning. Which is why Hillary just shrugged & kept going. The Clintons head to their strengths now; a national campaign geared to win delegates rather than single state media showcases. The new Democratic voters registering in record numbers are not doing it to jump on bandwagons. They're excited by what's happening in the Democratic Party. All three remaining candidates are a significant "change." Obama can win it, more mountain to climb.

Repugs are trying to pick the candidate of least change, but don't have one in the race taking the required hat trick of corporate lackey, neocon puppet, & protestant theocrat.


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