Sunday, January 06, 2008

Vineland NJ

I love postcards like this one. No distinctive landmark, unique scenery, vacation spot, or subject of civic pride. But it's from an era when every town had a postcard series. So the photographer gives us a muddy farm road & a drainage ditch next to what appears to be a railroad.


The closest I've ever come to Vineland was neighboring Millville, NJ (which is a very cute little town that reminded me a bit of Rahway). Do you know that, at 69.0 square miles, Vineland is the largest city in New Jersey if you count total area?
When I was young my paternal grandparents lived in Vineland. It didn't look like that at their house, though.
For my parents, driving from Roselle Park to Berkeley Heights as recently as the 1940s was still a journey into semi-rural farm country.
Absolutely beautiful, just beautiful.

Once a year my husband and I take trips to Michigan's Upper Peninsula which has lots of neat little areas like this. The best was when we happened upon an abandoned and clearly quite dilapidated old house. We took some pictures of it. It was eerily interesting and oddly sad.

In the back yard we found a bear trap that'd been sprung.

All in all, exploring the area around that house made me realize, more than ever, exactly how interesting the more wild places in the world are.
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