Monday, January 14, 2008

President John Edwards

We've had seven years of utter insanity in the White House. Where's the righteous anger? Got it for you right here: John Edwards.

I'm not inclined to put out language about the Democratic presidential candidates that I'd have to eat in September. Because no Repug can cut it for me. Nor can Mike Billionaire Bloomberg, now associating with the "moderate" Christine "It's My Party" Whitman; neither one has uttered a bitter word about George W. Bush. Whose Party are they?

The endorsements of Obama by John Kerry & Bill Bradley could not induce me to vote for Barack, but those endorsements are reassuring because I think both men would have been fine presidents, & they wouldn't support somebody who wasn't up to the job. I didn't want an uncertainty about Obama's qualifications & preparedness to be a factor in choosing Edwards. Nothing the Obama or Clinton campaigns say convince me that the most serious problem is too much partisanship, or temporary incompetency. Both view the Bush adminstration as an aberration, & the Republican leadership as open to reason & reasonableness. A kind of forgetfulness has overtaken those two candidates, with their gauzy appeals to our desire for unity & experience. Fine, but first the Bush machine must be shut down & dismantled, the White House swept clean of neocons & theocrats.

John Edwards has experience, & unity of purpose. He tries, against massive media resistance, to stay focused on the particulars of why this election is so crucial. He has listened, learned, & grown since 2004. John Edwards is the best candidate for pissed off progressives & populists, & for America, & he is electable.

(The New Jersey Democratic primary is proportional with a 15% threshold for the allocation of district & statewide at-large delegates, so a vote for John Edwards really matters. No need to explain why if the primaries fail to give Obama or Clinton the nomination).

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