Friday, January 25, 2008

Show the Funny Beatle some respect

Ringo Starr walked away from the Regis & Kelly Show on Tuesday when they wouldn't give him five minutes to perform the title cut off his new album, Liverpool 8. Told him to cut it in half. It's not much of a song, but Ringo's pushing the album hard, he's a living legend as both a Beatle & drummer, & 150 fewer seconds of egomaniacs Regis & Kelly holding coffee cups & bickering is small sacrifice.

Last night, Craig Ferguson gave Ringo all the time he needed & more on The Late Late Show. With a band anchored by Dave Stewart, Ringo warbled & wobbled his way through "Liverpool 8," "Photograph," " Boys," & "A Little Help From My Friends." He played drums on "Boys," but he sings closer to on key if he doesn't have to provide the beat, too.

Having suggested the Royal Family be abolished, Ringo is not likely to receive a knighthood. Anyway, he's said he'd rather be a prince. He already is - in the Kingdom of Elvis.

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