Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Aloha Warriors

Georgia 41, Hawaii 10. I didn't expect the University of Hawaii to beat the University of Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Didn't even expect the game to be close at the end. But I did think Hawaii would put more points on the board in the first half before the Bulldogs inevitably ground the Warriors down in the second. Instead, it was a mismatch all the way. Hawaii star QB Colt Brennan was mercifully removed from the game before he got totally mashed into poi. Hawaii should have sent their cheerleaders out with hula skirts & tried to distract the sides of beef Georgia was dropping on him. I watched three regular season Hawaii games this year, & if you like football where the quarterback just scrambles back & throws, again & again, & he's good enough & gets enough time to do it, they were a great team to see. Plus, the coach wears a lei. Hawaii ends the season 12-1.


Aloha nui, e komo mai. One would actually think you lived in Hawaii with your insightful descriptions of the team! BTW, the Hawaiian above translates into (More personal) Hello, welcome.
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