Thursday, December 27, 2007

WFMU 2007 Favorites List

Every year around now WFMU Beware the Blog posts DJ favs, best of, top ten, whatever we call them, & DJ Rix went up on Christmas. It's not really a "Top Ten." I just pick some appropriate albums I liked, plus a few books that may have seeped into my writing or monologues. It's never a list that generates much listener or reader interest. I hear hundreds of songs & compositions on the radio, & many albums once or twice or in part. I hear only a few dozen "new" albums every year all the way through enough times to become really familiar with them. Since I do few radio shows, I'm never on top of what's passing through the WFMU new. But what I get from not having a weekly show is the freedom to listen to music at a leisurely pace. I can live with the same music for weeks at time. I purchase CDs thoughtfully, as music I want on my own shelves to listen to over & over at home. & of course I have unlimited access to a huge music library. So there's a whole other list I'll post here shortly. But the 8 WFMU picks contain music I've either aired or will air on radio shows.

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