Friday, December 14, 2007


Older Mets fans recall the young, undernourished appearing, hustling Lenny Dykstra running into walls & sliding in basepath dirt & doing no more damage than temporarily stunning himself. Next thing we knew, he was a giant bobblehead doll stumbling around the outfield for the Phillies. Hard to tell if he was a better ballplayer, because he kept putting himself on the disabled list making the same plays. He had two very good years with the Phils & got himself a huge contract, but he wasn't worth what they paid him.

Throughout the baseball steroid scandal, there have been a few lonely, perhaps crackpot, voices suggesting we ought to just let the athletes go ahead & juice up. Maybe not such an insane idea if ambitious high school & college athletes weren't juicing, too.

Look at professional basketball players & football linemen. Many of them are already genetic freaks of nature. So why not go for chemical enhancement? See what the human body is capable of doing. We can have two lists of individual records, one of them for "natural" achievements.

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