Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rush Theology

If you can stomach it, this has be about the most insane rant ever from that paragon of reasoned discourse, Rush Dogdoo. In complaining about Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, leader of the Anglican Communion (who's proven to be somewhat of a wuss anyway), Rush takes on the Virgin Birth, the Resurrection, Blaise Pascal, homeless in Buffalo NY, the first law of thermodynamics, Stephen Hawking, saturated fats, & uses "gazillions" as a number. It would be hilarious if he didn't mean every word of it. I say we celebrate the popular Hispanic holiday, Three Kings Day on January 6, by using Rush's head as a pinata. Empty out the pills, there should be plenty of room for candy.

I couldn't even get through all of it. My head started to hurt from the insanity.
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