Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Brave Protestors

Read here an account of antiwar protestors, smugly proud of themselves for their campaign of interrupting church services in upstate New York. These courageous souls risked martyrdom by unfolding a banner at a small Congregationalist church in Chappaqua during an Advent service that, from the description, was already focused on a message of peace. It pisses me off, the indifference to the diversity & individuality of purpose among mainstream churchgoers. Thank God some blameless old lady, praying for her ailing husband, didn't herself keel over & croak of a heart attack.

Given the militaristic nationalism found in so many large protestant churches & incorporated into worship services as propaganda pageants for the military-industrial complex, we are blessed by the sanctuaries of unpoliticized churches. We should feel a special affection for them & leave them alone rather than insist that they also become polarized.

When actions like this get no support at the Street Prophets progressive religion website, which has a 100% anti-Iraq war membership, there's something wrong with the tactic.

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Acting like a bunch of obnoxious pricks who do a poor job of consciousness-raising is not going to win too many people over to your side, especially in this case.
The obnoxious pricks are the Repugs. never lose sight of that. People are just so frustrated, so desperate to do something, anything, to end the war, that they take actions serving no constructive purpose at this point. The contrast between the Christmas message & war is probably on the minds of just about everyone in every church.
Yeah, when it comes down to it, I'm aware of who the real enemies of the state are, and they are not the protesters disrupting church services. However, sometimes, when you get friends like these...
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