Saturday, December 22, 2007

All I have to say about Jamie Lynn Spears

All I have to say about Jamie Lynn Spears: There are no accidents. She became pregnant because consciously or unconsciously she wanted to become pregnant. Which isn't the same as wanting to bear & raise a child. There are no "unplanned pregnancies," or unplanned infections & diseases, when one has unprotected sex. Only the sex, perhaps, is unplanned. But now there's an entire section of condoms in the aisle at every 7-11.

Parents who get their kids through high school & college without accidents & without resorting to celibacy pledges & other forms of unrealistic or prudish denial have done something right. Usually, it was just by having honest communication with their kids, some mutual trust, plus a bit of luck. Two of my siblings accomplished it with their kids, & neither of them has a Ph.D in psychology or claims any special gifts for parenting.

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