Friday, November 02, 2007


Terrific Jersey sunset of pink cloud bands generated by the outermost fringe of the massive Hurricane Noel system. The storm is so large & powerful that we're expecting 35 mph sustained wind here tomorrow even though the center will be several hundred miles out at sea. If Noel had taken a track closer to the coast we'd have really serious coastal flooding & beach erosion. Saturday will be a good day for ocean gazing, preferably through a window to avoid the sandpaper on face effect.

Happy Birthday to Glen Jones (Nov. 4), friend, fellow Scorpio, free form DJ, & Asbury Park resident.


The forecast for NJ is ots of rain and some coasta fooding.
Know why?
No el.

& our Corn Queen of the week is...

I remain, as always, the Corn King.
Politics be damned. It's the corn that unites people.

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