Thursday, July 19, 2007

Timeless songs

I'm disappointed James Woods didn't get an Emmy nomination for his great over-the-top acting as Deputy District Attorney Sebastian Stark in Shark. So many of the same names every year. But here are four of the five songs nominated in the Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics category:
"Peter's Two Dads" from Family Guy.
"Dick In A Box" performed by Justin Timberlake on SNL.
"Everything Comes Down to Poo" from Scrubs.
"Guy Love" from Scrubs.
If there were Emmys for original TV series music themes, maybe we'd hear some good ones again. Like Hawaii 5-0.


The Hawaii Five-O song was a TV theme...perhaps the best. "Dick in a Box" was an SNL skit (and quite funny, I admit). I can't believe that the folks behind the Emmys put them in the same category.

Was Bill Murray's classic lounge version of the "Star Wars" theme ever nominated?
Murray would've been disqualified because the music was the actual Star Wars theme. Steve Martin's King Tut fit the song category, although it's mostly just recitation.

There is no Emmy for best original TV theme music. Odd, given it's a major production decision, except for CSI, where they have to choose from a limited number of appropriate Who songs.
Are you serious about those nominations? I think Family Guy and SNL are serious, but if this were true, it would show you how society's standards have totally changed.
They're copied off the complete list of nominations at the official Emmy Awards website.
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