Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Show Me 270

As long as the United States has the Electoral College system, any successful presidential candidate wins on an electoral vote strategy. 270toWin.com has the slogan,"This isn't a popularity contest." Although Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama could conceivably win popular vote majorities, I challenge anyone to go to 270toWin & put together electoral majorities for them against a Rove-driven campaign focused on the spectres of dark-skinned immigrant hordes, suicide bombers, & Iranian nukes.

The three front-running Democratic candidates do not reveal the general election campaign strategies they already have in place. Edwards' is the only one I currently fathom, since it would be drawing on Bill Clinton's 1992 package. Neither Barack nor Hillary have any advantages in the lower Mississippi Valley or along most of the Ohio River. Hillary's "negatives" are especially difficult to overcome. The great relief America feels at the end of the Cheney/Bush junta does not translate easily into an electoral majority for Democrats.

I understand the situations of so many northeast establishment Dems toward Hillary Clinton, that they owe both her & Bill big time. But I don't get how the hell they convince themselves she can become president. Lord knows, "ideals" have nothing to do with their endorsements. Practical politicians ought to have practical expectations. I'd like to have Jon Corzine examine a blank electoral map, with Missouri, the "Show Me State" directly under his beard, & say, "Show me." But he's only expected to bring her New Jersey in the primary. Any Dem nominee is gonna want Sen. Menendez out on the trail.


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