Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ocean City NJ

The weekend closest to August 1 we annually packed up the car with two adults, 4 kids (sometimes a friend,too), a nervous little dog, luggage, beach stuff & general supplies, & headed to the shore for a week. For years it was Somers Point, across the bay from Ocean City NJ, where we stayed with Aunt Bella & her family. When cousin Cath & her husband Jim had babies, & three of our four kids were teenagers, we moved over to Ocean City, renting large apartments for the next few years. The best weeks were the ones in Ocean City. I was a little older, it was a safe town, we all had the run of the place. The earlier years in Somers Point we were dependent on dad to drive us to the beach & boardwalk. (This postcard is close to his regular beach location.) We had no bikes at Aunt Bella's, & there was too much hanging around the house. But it was still a great week; the only week of the year I was allowed to eat Sugar Pops. Blueberries were in season. So was corn, sold from farm stands two blocks away where the fields were. One afternoon was set aside for crabbing. Somers Point had a great marsh loaded with punks & poison ivy, & a honky tonk waterfront loaded with bars jumping with rhythm & blues so loud you could hear it from the car on the road across the bay. I remember the Isley Brothers on a marquee one year. You're invited to join the dysfunctional Rixons for our Week In Ocean City. We play rummy on rainy days. We cheat.

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What do you mean by "punks"? Do you mean cattails?

In Pa, we had a thin wooden stick with something brownish on the end that looked like it was meant to be a baby cattail - they were said to keep mosquitoes away if you burned them. My mother used to hold a lit one in her mouth for that purpose while tending the graves way out in the country cemeteries.

They could not have really been baby cattails, could they?
That's them, though they were so stinky it was a tradeoff. The best way to avoid mosquitoes was simply by not sitting in Bella's yard after dark.
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