Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Whitman, Go Home

Star-Ledger columnist Tom Moran is correct, former NJ governor & Cheney/Bush EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman is not a villain. She may not even exactly be a "wimp." But after testifying at the congressional hearings investigating EPA actions after 9/11, it's clear she's a political hack, a Repug lapdog & wingnut apologist with deep family ties to the Bush Clan. She has zilch credibility. It's past time for her to stop pretending she represents some important but under-regarded "moderate" middle class wing of the Republican Party (a faction formerly known as "The Rockefellers") & retire to her horse country estate or wherever it is she gets her working farm tax break & go back to riding after the foxes with her wealthy uppercrust pals. She's never been much more than a government gopher for her husband's banking interests. Her friends & allies probably didn't misplace a penny while she bankrupted the state as governor & new monuments to their hubris are rising out of a crater in downtown Manhattan. Makes me sad she has the same last name as the great poet of the Democracy.

(I'm grumpy today.)


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