Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A taste of July

On the good side of the sweltering day, I put the air-conditioner in the window, & you know the feeling, when you turn it on late afternoon & after about an hour the temp & humidity come together in an "Ahhhh" moment. For me, it doesn't have to be frigid & dry; spring-like is fine. Given the height of the ceiling, I can't go for the arctic effect anyway with this size unit - which is just adequate, although I know it's almost gotten there overnight when I wake up wrapped in the blanket. A couple of hot June days present a chance to acclimatize to what we know is coming to Jersey in July. Not that you really can. How bad can it get? I remind myself of a blistering hot 4th of July in Rahway a few years ago, still well over 90 degrees when the fireworks finale ended, the heavy air almost completely still, clouds of aerial bomb smoke barely moving. Judging from the apathetic applause, most of us were there more out of patriotic duty or because the kids demanded it than for holiday entertainment. It was the kind of day you burn the burgers in the backyard but eat them in the kitchen & don't even bother bringing the potato salad & deviled eggs outside.


So some people really do still old school it with the AC huh? Good to know.:)
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