Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Nap time is over

I'm feeling very anxious. I miss my former therapist, Dr. K, who moved to a more profitable private practice two years ago & decided I didn't need a replacement for her. Although we never had a big "breakthrough" - I'm too guarded & she wasn't that assertive a psychologist, her practical counsel & guidance were useful & I think we'd have dealt with some pressing problems by now rather than postponing difficult decisions. My shrink doesn't have time for this stuff, & it isn't his job. The man has schizophrenics & wife beaters waiting in the reception area.

I was just rejected for a credit card. Odd thing is, I didn't apply for one, & the name on the letter isn't exactly mine, but it was correctly delivered to my address. Did someone in this building cop a piece of my junk mail, one of those "pre-approved" card offers that really isn't, & send it in? Expecting what? Maybe there's some other explanation. I have a terrible credit rating, & I paid off & canceled the one remaining active card I had several years ago as too much of a temptation to have in my wallet. Unbelievably, I was carrying something like an $8000 unused borrowing limit even as collectors for two other cards were hounding me, & I probably could have gone on indefinitely paying off one card with another. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are doing just that, if they aren't refinancing their houses for cash.

I hope the Mets snap out of their funk soon. I know mid-season losing streaks build character in teams that seem to have been winning too easily, & the Braves & Phillies haven't taken advantage of the slump, but they're nipping at the Mets heels now, & the schedule directly ahead is tough. Nap time is over, guys.

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Ok, I've decided most recent posts are by and large going to dictate the interview questions I ask so here it goes:

1. What is the one thing in life you feel most anxious about?
2. If you were given a shopping spree for 1 day what would it be for? (doesn't have to be a store but can't pay off bills) (stole this one from Robin's question for me but it seemed fitting here)
3. What is your favorite NJ vacation spot?
4. Which celebrity, past or present, do you most wish was still in the public eye?
5. Pretend this was your last supper. What would be your perfect meal?
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