Thursday, June 14, 2007


Janet is "interviewing" me:

1. What is the one thing in life you feel most anxious about?
Health. & being late for a scheduled WFMU radio show.

2. If you were given a shopping spree for 1 day what would it be for? (doesn't have to be a store but can't pay off bills) (stole this one from Robin's question for me but it seemed fitting here)
No money limit? A house? A car? If it's just stuff, then a great computer package. A studio upright piano or Hammond organ would be cool, but couldn't keep them here. Maybe a classic 1980s synthesizer.

3. What is your favorite NJ vacation spot?
Kismet Motel, North Wildwood NJ. My only vacation spot.

4. Which celebrity, past or present, do you most wish was still in the public eye?
Mark Twain, perhaps. "Celebrities" like movie stars & pop singers exist agelessly in their best recorded work, & unless they die prematurely their physical presences are easily disposed of. Even so, Elvis would just have gone on singing "Can't Help Falling In Love" & "Polk Salad Annie." & I love Elvis. But Twain would have lots to say.

5. Pretend this was your last supper. What would be your perfect meal?
Probably something simple & basic, like pot roast, garlicky potatoes, & an excellent tossed salad with garden tomatoes. Strawberry-rhubarb pie for dessert. Remember this if I contact you from prison in Texas.

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Ok, I'll bite. Ask me some questions.
A classic eighties synthesizer and strawberry rhubarb pie. These are just a taste of the things that make Rix unique. Thanks for playing!:)

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