Sunday, June 24, 2007

I want to thank

I want to thank the extended family in the corner house for the all-night outdoor party last night. I understand it was probably a family occasion, perhaps a graduation or anniversary, or five more 4th cousins made it safely over the fence. A happy, all-ages event. There were no drunken fights in the street, no frowning sociopaths in xxl white teeshirts shooting craps on the sidewalk. But did you have to keep the music going until 6 am & leave the karaoke mic turned on? I doubt if there was much of an audience by then for the tequila-addled extrovert doing his impression of a Telemundo game show host. Frankly, I'd be in a more forgiving mood if the party hadn't wrapped up at sunrise but just kept on swinging through this afternoon. At least you demonstrated that there were hundreds of sleep deprived people within hearing distance afraid of even their disposable cell phone numbers showing up on caller ID at the police switchboard, & proved beyond a doubt that the Elizabeth police don't patrol through the neighborhood between midnight & 6 am anyway. Although it's possible the cops heard you all the way up at the 7-11.


I remember waking up one Sunday morning to the very loud sound coming from down the block of mariachi music. I opened up my window and tried to listen for whose apartment it was coming from. It took a few moments for me to realize that it was actuallly a live mariachi band playing at 9:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning!

I made a quick cup of coffee, and went out the front door and walked a few apartments down until I found the building where the music was eminating. I went through the hall out to the back where there was an obvious start to an all-day birthday party for someone. Everyone just smiled at me, and I parked my rear on the steps of the doorway to the backyard, and just hung out and listened to the music for about 45 minutes.
In my former, preferable town, occasionally a mariachi band was stationed outside the Catholic Church to play a newly married couple out the door to the limo. Only problem was, their matching costumes upstaged the bridal party's.
My neighbors were having an all-day party a few houses away back in 2003. The barbecue smelled great, the music was loud, Latin and lively, and the guests were dancing up a storm. I mentioned the noise to the Police Chief the next day and he said "C'mon, you know that you just wished that you were invited to that party."

After pondering his reply, I decided that the Chief was probably right.
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