Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Notre Dame again hit #1 on the Princeton Review list of colleges in the "Alternative Lifestyles Not an Alternative" category, beating Brigham Young (Mormon), Wheaton (Billy Graham's alma mater), Baylor (Waco Tx), University of Tennessee-Knoxville (idiots), & Seton Hall (students too drunk to fornicate). I don't know why LGBT kids would choose Notre Dame or any of these schools, although many do. But there's another school that seems to be one big, if puzzling, alternative lifestyle, presented in this promotional video. It's hot hot hot.

This BBC headline tricked me: Canaries in record migrant influx

That Appalachian State video has been favorite fodder of the fratboys at Every Day Should Be Saturday for a long time. It shows what you can do - and shouldn't do - with iMovie.

As for Our Lady's University, it is not so much a place that is anti-gay but overwhelmingly stresses traditional gender roles. The school offered a laundry service until 1990 that was available to male students only.
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