Monday, March 13, 2006

noodle soup

A beautiful thick fog over the Hudson & Meadowlands this morning about 6:30. I prefer that to a bright, orange sun when I've been up all night doing radio, then head home where I need to unwind awhile & have a snack before I can sleep for a few hours. I went to a big party last night at WFMU for the Marathon Finale, stayed for a 3 am show. At six I announced a station I.D., managed a "Good Morning everybody," & turned the board over to Nachum, who hosts a cheery, wildly popular wake up & be Jewish program, & frankly that was neither my mood nor how I wanted to feel after my three hours of mostly musical drone, minimalism, & dissonance broadcast, in my mind's eye, to an insomniac artist in Brooklyn, a car passing through north Jersey on the Turnpike, & a peculiar person in New Zealand listening on the internet. So here I am having some noodle soup.


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