Monday, February 13, 2006


Yesterday's snowfall/blizzard set a "record." But unless one was traveling, it won't be a particularly memorable storm (WFMU's Glen Jones had a horrible morning). Ten years ago we had a true blizzard in effect as well as by definition, with heavy drifting, followed by arctic temps. I have photos of that one. Back in, I think, 1978, a friend & I waded down the middle of Route One in Linden where the wind was whipping snow out of Wheeler Park & piling it up on the highway, & several 18 wheelers were stuck, drivers inside talking to each other on CB, waiting for the plows. Heavy rain causes far more problems in over-developed New Jersey in terms of sheer human misery, with localized flooding that is often unpredictable. On a summer day you can drive out of blue skies & into a torrential thunderstorm that sends small creeks over the roads & turns highway underpasses into lakes. Get few days of steady rain & entire neighborhoods have to be evacuated. I'm trying to find an amazing satellite photo from Sunday, the nor'easter so intensely wound up off the coast that it generated an eye, but this one from about 3 am shows the developing power. We are very lucky the storm didn't stall.

And now they're saying it might hit the 50's tomorrow...what gives?
I remember that blizzard, Bob. I was living in Linden at the time, right near the airport and the GM plant.
I was a neighbor of Brilliant At Breakfast! I lived on a street that dead-ended at Wheeler Park. It was overall the best place I ever resided except for the house I was raised in.
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