Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Capricorn

She always put on her clothes
& drove home before sunrise,
to let her dogs out, she said.

Reminds me of a lass I once knew... She had an apartment in Paterson, right above her 'elderly' landlord. Once we got to the spending the night stage, she insisted that I get dressed and depart in the wee hours of the morning so as not to compromise her standing with the landlord. I always thought that if the landlord didn't know what was going on, we weren't doing something right...

I didn't mind at first but everything else was topsy-turvy, too. She was of solid Lutheran stock and couldn't quite make up her mind whether or not it was OK to enjoy herself in bed.

The sexual push and pull was even more frustrating that the AM departures because I never believed in pressuring a woman to do anything she didn't want to. I'd be doing my 'good boy' thing when out of the blue I'd be 'attacked' like there was no tomorrow. Maybe, from her point of view, there wasn't. Made for a lot of interesting evenings, to say the least.

On my home front, I solved the dog thing by suggesting she bring her pup with her. It was a small terrier of some kind and got along pretty well with my cat and Bruce's dog. Still, it didn't make the scene more than once or twice and there were plenty of early AM departures from East Orange, too.
I thought this particular woman, who had a number of peculiarities (& who I liked very much), had some odd thing about "officially" sleeping over, as if that implied a different level of committment. To me it just would have meant another hour or two of uninterrupted rest, at which time I would've made a pot of coffee.
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