Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wilbanks nuptials held, one day late.

Jennifer Wilbanks, hair & face covered by the traditional multi-colored veil of the Southern Baptist Convention, is escorted to her wedding at Peachtree Corner Baptist Church by an apostle of the Jesus is Love Honor Guard. Until 1976, every woman in that Christian sect was strictly obliged to wear this veil in public from first menarche until thirty days after the birth of her first male child. It is still a doctrinal requirement for sacramental liturgies, & the husband, as God's representive in the family, may insist upon it at home. Although the practice of wearing the Southern Baptist Veil has largely disappeared in urban & suburban areas of the south, it remains a common sight in rural sections of Georgia & Texas, & is gaining adherents in Oklahoma, the Florida Panhandle, & the Republican National Committee.

And folks think that we Catholics are strange for eating fish on Fridays during Lent or smudging our foreheads with crud once a year. It gives more ammo to the folks who think Conservative Christians are little more than the Taliban with crucifixes.
Wait, was that the runaway bride lady? Man, I think I was duped by the humor in your blog entry. This is what I get for never watching TV news, especially of the tabloid variety.
Catholics may switch to fish for Lent, but your consumption of chocolate candy triples during the same period.
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