Friday, May 27, 2005

I won't be entirely without companionship this long Memorial Day weekend. I'll be looking in each day on a friend's four cats & kitten. I went over to be introduced to them today & they were all predictible types:
....The ten year old temperamental queen cat that expects all the affection.
....The fraidy cat I didn't see because it ran upstairs when the doorbell rang.
....The laid back blind-in-one-eye formerly homeless cat with the "Glad to be anywhere indoors" attitude (his female friend, I was told, spurned the offer of a home but still comes around occasionally for a handout).
....& the friendly but insecure cat that's uncertain of its relationships with the other cats, sort of like a middle sibling.
All these cats are low-maintenance & could get by for a weekend with a few big bowls of water & dry food. But the kitten, about one-third the size of the others, is still in the super-curious stage where it doesn't understand that an interesting thing might be attached to another thing, whether a finger or a tail. It needs an understanding playmate.

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