Saturday, September 06, 2003

Alice has said I need a mother - she's more or less qualified for that job if she wanted it. A mother doesn't do it, though, for a guy who likes supermarkets & feeding himself, & doesn't mind doing laundry. There are women, including Alice, for whom I'd a make a pretty good mom. Actually, I need a compensating partner, someone who picks up the the parts of my life where I really do go slack. & this "partner," it seems to me, doesn't necessarily to have sleep with me. Which means "she" could be a "he."

I've had only one girlfriend who was as fully supportive of my art as she was engaged in her own, & she was over twenty years younger. Once in awhile Megan came to WFMU with me & sat in the studio during my show, reading or sketching, or chatting on the phone with a friend. We enjoyed hanging out together. She also was a genuine "boardwalk girl" who understood that a long stroll on the "boards" didn't mean playing the wheels, buying overpriced junk food, & going for the $5 "special" palm reading. If you've lived at the shore for weeks at a time, year after year, you learn to pace yourself & separate having fun from being a sucker. You enjoy the boardwalk with some distance, not quite an "insider," but not fully a "benny" either.

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