Sunday, April 13, 2014

Manasquan NJ

Carlson's Corner

In honor of Facebook friending my cousin Randy, who I haven't seen since we were teens, & only saw once or twice a year anyway. My sister, named for his mom & a favorite of his dad, had a close relationship with them, if not with Randy.

The only thing I envied about Randy was that they had a beachfront cottage in Manasquan, nothing fancy (actually, they had two, rented out the other one), nice musty odor beachfront houses acquire.  The envy pretty much went away after my grandmother  retired to Atlantic City & between staying with her & our annual week vacation, I was spending nearly a month at the shore every year, including a week after Easter.  Manasquan didn't have much action & you couldn't just stroll across the inlet to Point Pleasant Beach boardwalk.

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