Sunday, January 26, 2014

Keansburg NJ

Keansburg is a town with an amusement park on Raritan Bay. The park is owned by one family,  with  many attractions leased to sub-contractors. It was nearly destroyed altogether by Hurricane Sandy. But it is coming back to life.  The Keansburg boardwalk was wrecked by a storm in 1960 & never replaced (although there's a sort of nature boardwalk).  It's considered a boardwalk town. I began visiting Keansburg in the early 90's (lived there for one miserable winter month in the 70's, I don't hold that against the place).  In 1995 the Gelhaus family, which had sold the property twenty years earlier, repurchased it,  & the amusement park began a resurgence. It's a working class amusement park, the ancient rides beloved & inexpensive (I have not been there since Sandy). It had a legendary little dark ride, Spook House, more whiplash than scary. One of the oldest dark rides in America. I read it was being rebuilt, but we'll have to wait & see if it retains its funkiness. 

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