Friday, January 03, 2014

A summer story

 One July long ago my girlfriend's large family (7 kids, she was the teenage oldest) went in with some other relatives (more kids) on a week rental around Lavalette. I wrangled a few days off from work later in the week & told Karen I'd be down late the night before. When I arrived, nearly all the kids were tucked away all over the house, grownups sitting outside in beach chairs, drinking beer & munching pretzels, quietly chatting. Karen & I went over to the Seaside boardwalk for awhile, then took a walk on the beach. I unrolled my sleeping bag on the vacant porch & went to sleep.

I was awakened at dawn by whispering, a little kid asking, "Who is he?" Another answering, "He's Karen's boyfriend, ssshhh." I opened up my eyes, five children standing around me in a circle staring down at me. I muttered, "Beat it," they went away & I went back to sleep.

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