Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Quadruple bypass for brother Joe on Thursday?

 Our  two relatively contented middle siblings can  handle the practical stuff fine. If he resists the surgery they'll find a way to make him have it.  But like Joe, I reside among the underclasses, poor & psychically beaten down. I want to tell him to pull himself together & give it one more try. Just one more. I know in his small world he is talkative, funny & well-liked. Well, it's a world! You got a place to live, food, two cats, a lady friend.

Of course, my PC, an e machine,which has given me four years \of good service, chooses this week to go all glitchy on me. I wasn't able to open up files or write, but it somehow repaired those problems. Images are  distorted & the web browsers messed up. Might be time to buy a netbook. I need this PC working well.  I need a big screen & a full size keyboard.  When you don't game, the requirements for a PC drop way down.PC themselves are all the way out. My eyesight isn't great & I appreciate a large screen  & large font when I need it.

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