Thursday, October 24, 2013

Marriage equality took effect in Jersey midnight Monday with some high profile weddings.  A court order, upheld, the weight of public opinion shifting, Gov. Christie dropped his appeal to stay the decision.  That opposition was to be his "plausible deniability" when he campaigned the the Repug  right for the presidential nomination - beginning the day after reelection victory.  Jerseyans didn't want marriage equality on the ballot. I think Christie personally doesn't care one way or  the other about marriage quality. I doubt he wants to be president so he can roll back all the Obama extensions of federal benefits to same sex married couples working in Federal government & serving in the military.  But he has to run against candidates who want to do just that.  It got to the point where if you were legally married in a marriage equality state, you were legally married on every military installation in Jersey & unmarried the moment you stepped off it. Unjust & absurd.

Cory Booker stomped radical right Repug candidate Steve Lonegan in a special senate election last wednesday, 55% - 45%, low turnout.  Lonegan tried to make something of it being closer than expected. Well yeah, For two reasons.  Every right wing ideologue in the state voted but only a low percentage of everyone else.  Booker ran a lackluster campaign, spent only a fraction of his $11 million campaign war chest. No TV ads, No GOTV street money. He didn't need to  receive 60% plus of the vote.  Booker has another election next year, possibly against a stronger opponent. He's the senator-elect  & Lonegan is finished in Jersey politics. Gov Christie endorsed Lonegan but subsequently was never seen with him.

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