Monday, September 30, 2013

The idea that having a big, friendly, drooling, stupid dog makes one a better prospect for a relationship is undoubtedly a myth propagated by owners of such dogs, who usually allow those dogs to sleep in their beds. One of the few times I broke up with a girlfriend rather than being dumped was because of a dog. The woman insisted on getting up at dawn to go home & let her dog out. Gentleman that I am, I also got up to see her safely to her car. The only good reasons to get up that early, aside from earning a living, are to play ice hockey or work on competitive swimming. Sleeping at her house was out of question. The situation was untenable. If you kick a big, stupid dog out of your bedroom in favor of a "guest," it will sit outside the door & whine all night, if not crap on the floor in indignation. Frankly, I've never felt embarrassed to have sex in front of a cat. They are utterly disinterested in watching.

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