Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Big Stash's

Between the afternoon & evening viewings of my dad's wake in Elizabeth, thirty years ago,  my oldest brother & I drove down to Big Stash's in Linden. We should have gone to White Rose Diner, which was much closer. But Joe & I had bonded a few times at Stash's. I probably had pastrami on rye unless I got the stuffed pepper, & a couple of beers. & macaroni salad & Polish pickles, always had those. We returned to the Wake about 15 minutes late, which shouldn't have been a big deal except our next-door neighbors had come & gone during the break, which I thought was inappropriate of them, like showing up early at a garage sale. So some family members were pissed at us. But I was still there in time to greet the former Democratic Mayor of Roselle Park (who knew I'd switched sides to his party) & watch the Masonic ceremony.

As the current menu shows, the food prices are very reasonable.

Since learned - no surprise -  Stash's is a popular post-funeral meal venue for area Polish-American families. My dad's was at Galloping Hill Inn Caterers. Dad had patronized Galloping Hill Inn since high school, when it was Peterson's, the name he always used. But GHI was famous for its hot dogs  & fries, sold at  a classic wooden stand across the parking lot from the catering hall, & these hot dogs were not served at the reception.

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