Tuesday, August 06, 2013

On a whim, & because this is my  annual Ocean City / Somers Point nostalgia week, I cross-posted my idealized childhood tale, Angels at the Jersey Shore,  over at Kos, where it was featured on the Street Prophet group front page,   &  picked up 30 recommends & some very nice comments. Although I've been a frequent commenter - often at length - over the years (a decade?),  I've rarely diary'd at Street Prophets. One reason is  I have few if any  original thoughts on religious issues, particularly in connection with politics, & others  represent  my views just fine. But my personal experiences growing up, describing a   Protestant/Catholic ecumenicism developing in myself, & around me,  before & after Pope John XXIII, no longer seems so quaintly out-of-date, as the American Catholic clerical hierarchy more strongly allies with the evangelical Protestant right. It remains to be seen if the new Pope intends to clean out this nest of pedophile-enabling snakes.

An except from one of my poems was  used on the cover of the program for the all-faith (or no faith) service at this summer's Netroots Convention. I was quite pleased about that.

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Sweet! Congratulations, on a long and overdue recognition by your peers.
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